Mircofiber Hair Buff


Every curly girl worth her salt knows that buffs are a must-have in your curly hair repertoire!

Perfect for protecting and maintaining curls once you have washed and styled, buffs are so versatile and can be used in a number of different ways.

They are essential when working out to absorb sweat and keep curls in place, whilst allowing hair to breathe

They are brilliant for sleep protection - particularly if you are a sweaty sleeper! - and are many curly girls’ go-to option for maintaining definition and volume overnight

They are great when you are hiking or walking for preventing flyaways whilst protecting your ears and face in cold weather and high winds

Buffs are also handy for holding your hair back without disturbing curls when you do your make up.


Our buffs are 100% Microfiber Polyester, which makes them soft and breathable and they are super stretchy, so they go over your hair with ease.

So, why is microfiber so good for curly hair? When you sweat from walking, running, sleeping etc. the moisture your body produces would normally be absorbed by the material in your buff and, along with the added heat produced, might cause your hair to frizz.

However, microfibers repel moisture rather than absorb and hold onto to it and the moisture molecules are able to reach the air more effectively where they can evaporate.