Caramel Latte - XL - 20cm


If you haven't already jumped on the oversized bandwagon, there's no better time than now.


Your mouth will be watering for our delicious Sweet Satins range, including rich Chestnut, glossy Whipped Cream, creamy Caramel Latte, intense Black Tea, delicious Dark Chocolate and sumptuous Wild Honey. 

Extra Large - These are amazing for long and thick hair. Or for those that want to make an oversized statement with a 'huge' silky wrist accessory.   

These beautiful scrunchies are made from 100% satin, a silky material that doesn't absorb moisture and protects the hair from damage.

Recommended care: Hand or machine wash cold. Shape and dry flat on a towel.

**Please note:

The colours may vary due to different screen colour variations.

20cm x 5cm