Our Story

Curly Girl Accessories from One Curly Girl to Another!


My name is Madeleine, I’m from Belfast in Northern Ireland, a tiny country with a colourful past; I’ve been inspired on my healthy hair journey by the curl friends I’ve connected with globally through the amazing online curly girl community.

I’ve met curly girls from all over the world: UK, France, Spain, India, Egypt, Philippines, Australia. I adore the lovely conversations we have and one of the most surprising and positive things about this community has been that, while we’ve bonded over our curls, we’ve also become friends.

Meeting people from around the world and my new-found knowledge inspired me to start Curly Girl Silks. 

Curly girls know all too well that caring for curly hair can be tricky. It’s not only products that can affect our hair condition, but the materials that we use too.

I discovered a love for all things silk and satin when I started my curly hair journey and realised what a difference it makes changing the fabrics I use against my hair. I now love sleeping with my hair in a satin scrunchie pineapple and wrapped in a silk scarf to protect my curls.

I’ve never felt so glamorous going to bed!

I’d love to follow you on your curly hair journey so remember to tag Curly Girl Silks in pictures of you with our products and I’ll be sure to share them with our gorgeous community.

Madeleine x