Make your Hair Colour Pop

Now scrunchies are all the rage again, they are becoming a key accessory for finishing off an outfit. But did you know that it’s not just the outfit you need to think about matching your scrunchie with?
Your hair colour should play a big part in what colour scrunchie you should 
choose. Here are my recommendations for which colours suit different toned hair.

Pale blondes

Pale blondes suit all of those gorgeous delicate pastel colours such as our Mint Green Midi Silk Scrunchie or any colours with a blue or grey undertone like our Dove Petite Satin or our pastel Country Garden collection. Dusty shades of pink and lavender also suit cool blondes: our Good Morning and Aurora Mini Silk ranges are perfect as well as our Camelia Midi Silk and the Oatmeal Petite Satin.

Warm Blondes

Warmer blonde hair can carry off richer tones that have a red undertone such as our Giant or XL Satin in Chestnut. If you want to wear a green, choose grassy greens such as our Sage Giant Satin. Turquoise or aqua also look stunning on blonde hair along with deeper purples like amethyst, so our Aqua Marine or Mulberry Satins would be perfect. Other winners with blondes are our classic Black Tea or Black Orchid and our pure white Snowdrop.


Autumn is the season for brunettes as they look fabulous with autumnal golds and nature’s deep browns: checkout our gorgeous new Over-sized Seasonal Satins in Wild Honey, Chestnut, Caramel Latte and Dark Chocolate or our classic Rose Gold or Fawn Midis. Brunettes are very versatile and can also wear blues such as our Indigo Midi, Midnight Petite or our Nightfall Mini Silks. Finally, jewel tones like burgundy and and claret are all also winners for brunettes so try the Mulberry Giant Satin for some glamour. 


For our show-stopping red-heads, green hues always look amazing from emerald to teal. The Sage and Aqua-Marine Giant Satins look fabulous in deeper red hair and for gentler, strawberry-blonde hues, try the Mint Green Midi Silk. Cobalt, navy and light blue are also especially complementary on red hair so experiment with our Indigo Midi, the Midnight Petite Satin.
Finally, a redhead in pure white can be breath-taking so try our Snowdrop Giant or Whipped Cream XL Satins. 

Silver Beauties

With many silver sisters embracing their grey curls, this hair colour has now been reclaimed as glamorous and bold. Black, white, and navy look simple and striking against grey hair so I would recommend the Black Tea or Snowdrop Giant Satins and Jet and Midnight Petite Satins.

For a bright pop of colour, jewel tones look fabulous with grey hair, so try our Mulberry or Aqua Marine Giant Satins.

Jet Blacks

For ultimate drama with black hair, go for contrasting ivory with our Snowdrop or Whipped Cream Satins. Our bright yellow Golden Hour Giant Satin will also look incredible with black hair as well rich gold such as our Wild Honey or Caramel Latte Giant Satins.
Madeleine Beattie

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