Make your Hair Colour Pop

Now scrunchies are all the rage again, they are becoming a key accessory for finishing off an outfit. But did you know that it’s not just the outfit you need to think about matching your scrunchie with?
Your hair colour should play a big part in what colour scrunchie you should 
choose. Here are my recommendations for which colours suit different toned hair.

Pale blondes

Pale blondes suit all of those gorgeous delicate pastel colours such as our Mint Green Midi Silk Scrunchie or any colours with a blue or grey undertone like our Dove Petite Satin or our pastel Country Garden collection. Dusty shades of pink and lavender also suit cool blondes: our Good Morning and Aurora Mini Silk ranges are perfect as well as our Camelia Midi Silk and the Oatmeal Petite Satin.

Warm Blondes

Warmer blonde hair can carry off richer tones that have a red undertone such as our Giant or XL Satin in Chestnut. If you want to wear a green, choose grassy greens such as our Sage Giant Satin. Turquoise or aqua also look stunning on blonde hair along with deeper purples like amethyst, so our Aqua Marine or Mulberry Satins would be perfect. Other winners with blondes are our classic Black Tea or Black Orchid and our pure white Snowdrop.


Autumn is the season for brunettes as they look fabulous with autumnal golds and nature’s deep browns: checkout our gorgeous new Over-sized Seasonal Satins in Wild Honey, Chestnut, Caramel Latte and Dark Chocolate or our classic Rose Gold or Fawn Midis. Brunettes are very versatile and can also wear blues such as our Indigo Midi, Midnight Petite or our Nightfall Mini Silks. Finally, jewel tones like burgundy and and claret are all also winners for brunettes so try the Mulberry Giant Satin for some glamour. 


For our show-stopping red-heads, green hues always look amazing from emerald to teal. The Sage and Aqua-Marine Giant Satins look fabulous in deeper red hair and for gentler, strawberry-blonde hues, try the Mint Green Midi Silk. Cobalt, navy and light blue are also especially complementary on red hair so experiment with our Indigo Midi, the Midnight Petite Satin.
Finally, a redhead in pure white can be breath-taking so try our Snowdrop Giant or Whipped Cream XL Satins. 

Silver Beauties

With many silver sisters embracing their grey curls, this hair colour has now been reclaimed as glamorous and bold. Black, white, and navy look simple and striking against grey hair so I would recommend the Black Tea or Snowdrop Giant Satins and Jet and Midnight Petite Satins.

For a bright pop of colour, jewel tones look fabulous with grey hair, so try our Mulberry or Aqua Marine Giant Satins.

Jet Blacks

For ultimate drama with black hair, go for contrasting ivory with our Snowdrop or Whipped Cream Satins. Our bright yellow Golden Hour Giant Satin will also look incredible with black hair as well rich gold such as our Wild Honey or Caramel Latte Giant Satins.
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Scrunchies are perfect for every hair texture


The curly world breathed a collective sigh of relief when scrunchies came 'back in’!

All those years of untangling curls from vicious hair bands or rubbery spirals are finally a thing of the past. But a lot of people don’t realise that scrunchies benefit all sorts of hair textures and types.
Here are a few of the benefits of wearing scrunchies rather than traditional hair ties: Scrunchies are essentially elastic bands wrapped in material – here in Curly Girl Silks, that’s the very best satin and silk. This means that you can remove them smoothly without the hair becoming knotted and tangled around the elastic.
It’s not only the tangling that’s a problem; there’s also the damage to the hair shaft caused from tension when you are tugging bands and hair ties out of your hair.

Scrunchies just slide out of your hair smoothly and easily.

Scrunchies don’t dent your hair in the way traditional hair bands do so you can wear them to work out, or sleep with them in a pineapple and wake up to dent-free hair. This may be even more obvious on straighter hair.

Those of you with children know the traumas that can abound when trying to get hair ties out of tangled, knotty hair;

Scrunchies also give your hair volume; you can achieve an epic pineapple with a cute scrunchie propping your hair up on top.

Go big or go home, right?

Did you know that scrunchies can also help with scalp health? Tying hair up in tight elastic bands and ties can cause strain on the hair follicles. Scrunchies don’t apply the same pressure and, in turn, you won’t experience as much hair loss.

 And, last but not least, scrunchies are back along with everything 90's!
They can add a pop of colour to any outfit; they can tie everything together for a finished look and even make a cute bracelet if you want to carry one ‘just in case'.
All of these benefits of course apply to all hair types, not just curls. Straight, wavy, curly or kinky – all can enjoy the joys of a scrunchie!

And they also don’t have to be limited just to women. There are plenty of men out there sporting scrunchies to hold back their gorgeous locks.

So, all that’s left to decide on now is which colour to go for!

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A little bit about Me...

I’m Madi, a Belfast girl, i'm 35 and I work full time in Marketing for a watch company Pride & Pinion; I love my job and the team I get to work with. We’ve just moved to a much bigger and better office and we’re getting a pool table and dart board - I’ve missed playing both in lockdown!
I have always had a creative and artistic mind and studied for my BA in Fine & Applied arts specialising in Ceramics at the Ulster University. I was obsessed with porcelain paper clay and its transparent amazingness. This led to me running a small ceramic design business for three years; Madeleine Beattie Designs.
However, I soon realised I actually really loved the marketing side of my business, so I decided to do a MA in Marketing at Ulster Business School and graduated the month before I turned thirty.
I am the baby of the family – I have an older brother and sister – and we all inherited our curly hair from our mummy. She rocked her curls most of her life until she started to straighten her hair in her sixties, which is a bit ironic now I’ve started embracing mine! (Curls that is, not straighteners!)
Growing up in Belfast was challenging; it’s only in the last few years that I’ve researched it a bit more and have learned to appreciate how scary things actually were in Northern Ireland. The Troubles lasted for over thirty years and had a huge impact on the lives of everyone in Northern Ireland. I’ll maybe reflect a bit more about this in another post.
However, I had a very happy childhood, my two best friends in the whole wide world have been in my life since we were 3 years old. We don’t remember meeting each other; they were just always there. That’s thirty-two years of friendship! These girls are my family, and we talk every day.
So, what else can I tell you about me? Well, another string to my bow is that I am a qualified yoga teacher; I completed a 200 hr yoga teacher training course in Thailand on the magical island of Koh Pha Ngan. I’ve been doing Yoga since I was fifteen and really this was a chance to further my own practise rather than actually become a teacher. And, of course, I got to spend time in beautiful Thailand.
That brings me on to another love of mine - backpacking! I’ve travelled around much of Europe, Thailand and Vietnam. South America is next on my list! My dream is to set up this business so I can manage it from anywhere in the world. I would love to explore designs and inspirations for new collections inspired by travel and different cultures.
Now, I have another little passion that everyone finds either weird or adorable: I am a complete bird nerd - I am a little bit obsessed! My friends even call me the crazy bird lady! haha. 
There you are, now you know a bit more about me, the creator of Curly Girl Silks!
If you’d like to share any comments or ask me any questions, please feel free.
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